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Operation program

Human resources

Human resource management in our company includes all the processes that deal with human resource management and development. The care for customers in AHP HYDRAULIKA, a.s is a priority of the company, similarly as the care for customers.

The company´s mission in the sphere of human resource management is to contribute to increasing the effectiveness and value of company by means of the selection and placement of employees,  the effective use of their abilities and knowledge. Furthermore, to harmonise the professional development of employees with the needs for the implementation of strategic vision by means of staff and social activities to achieve the highest possible effect.

Human resource management in our company create conditions for increase in the intellectual capital of organisation, the creation of the suitable organisational structure and positive working environment in the company.



Latest information

AHP HYDRAULIKA, a.s. invested 6.5 million euros in new technologies and production lines for the manufacture of assemblies of the piston - spare part for our hydraulic units.

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